Sonnet: The sonnet is formed by two quartets and two tercetos, both of major art, rhymed, of 11 metric syllables. The classic sonnet presents the following heap: ABBA/ABBA/CDC/CDC. At present other types of heap are admitted, as for example, for the quartets ABAB/ABAB, ABBA/CDDC, and for the tercetos CDC/DCD, CDE/CDE, CDE/DCE, CDE/DEC, CDE/EDC, CDC/EDE, CDC/CDC, CCD/CDD, CDC/EFE, CCD/CCD. Example:


Son, is my meat cradle of your luck,
in my heart your dawns are generated,
sacrifices and pains do not matter
for a God’s soul and a strong body.

I suffer anxiety, anxiety, for loving you,
bee libadora of my flowers,
since you will give me the honey of your loves
or the wax of the candle of my death.

You clarified suddenly my destination,
I get drunk with your orange blossoms aroma
and you are the light of the sun of my way.

You will be my free gift, bread and wine,
honey and wax of eternal apiaries,
the pardon of love, the divine gift.
Alexandrine sonnet: With the same structure of the sonnet, it is formed by poems of 14 metric syllables. Example:


The memory grumbles for the dark roof,
it goes wandering for the mist with lacquer steps,
gray fluff in the wind, tide toy,
vagabond comet, tired snail.

The memory rests, dozes, blends,
he inhabits the thought at the edge of the sun,
glacial mute witness, efficient executrix
of the internal still, of the human crucible.

When it expresses its voice the groan raves,
the chords of longed song explode
and its stones echoes are a bitter beat.

When it stokes its fire the negligence sparkles,
the metals are melted with passion nards
and the ashes watch the whole lost vale.
Sonnet with extra lines: When in the sonnet it is not possible to reflect a finished idea, he adds a terceto or several tercetos to himself, normally the first poem of the added terceto is 7 metric syllables, rhyming with the last poem of the sonnet. Example:

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What miracle does every day offer itself
before the indifferent humanity!,
the whole God, infinite, omnipotent,
it gives its body, harvests of agony.

He waits for us in loving closeness
as water, wine and bread, clean stream,
old juice of peace, living seed,
food of celestial happiness.

What a humility!, in the consecrated fruit
there is God, the immortal spirit,
in silent enslaved love.

He forgot its pain, our sin,
it offers us its celestial kingdom,
and we make him alone, godforsaken.

Life is its legacy,
it is a gift of universal love
and it receives in its residence the exile.
The sonnet of 11 metric syllables, sonnet endecasílabo, it qualifies for its accentuation in:

Sapphic sonnet: Predominant accents in the fourth and eighth syllables, sometimes also in the sixth one, with break or caesura after the fifth metric syllable. Example:


You come to the world, King of ground and sky,
in a manger, wretched, in poverty,
it is your treasure freedom, wealth
that raises the soul far from this soil.