How to Wax Your Auto Body

Waxing is very essential when it comes to maintaining the auto body. Through waxing, one is able to achieve a shine upon the car. Waxing makes the car look glossy and new. Moreover, waxing protects the car from contaminants in the air such as bugs it hits, acid rain and corrosive materials. It also shields the car body from rusting. Waxing also gives one an easy task when it comes to washing the car. This is because dirt cannot be able to stick on the paintwork due to the wax. Waxing is also vital in that it prevents the paint from chipping off. Finally, waxing fills in the scratches on the auto body. It makes the small scratches less noticeable or less apparent. 

Before you wax the car, first wash the car in order to prevent scratching the car surface as well as trapping small particles such as dust and grit.

Also, owners of black cars or dark colored cars or vehicles that have a clear coat should keep off from using cleaners and waxes that have abrasives.

How to wax

  • First of all, choose a wax that suits your car. Ideally, waxes that contain genuine carnauba are deemed to be the best.
  • After choosing the wax that suits your car and buying it, place some wax on the foam applicator that came with the wax. In the absence of the foam applicator, use a damp sponge. You may also use a cloth towel to clear the hazy surface by rubbing in a single direction.
  • After placing some wax on the foam applicator, apply the wax evenly over a small section of your car in gentle, overlapping circular motions.
  • If you have a buffer, you may use it to buff the car.
  • Leave the wax to sit for a few minutes depending on the car wax instructions.
  • Remove the wax using a microfiber cloth and give your car a perfect polish.
  • Continue to polish the rest of the car until you achieve a high shine.

It is advisable that one waxes during cold conditions. This is because in hot weather, the wax dries up immediately you apply it on the car which then makes buffing quite tiresome. It also makes the wax quite difficult to remove after applying it. However, in cooler weather, the wax is normally hard to move about and apply on the car surface. When it comes to auto body and collision or auto detailing you need the best Team in San Diego.

Also, if possible, wax indoors or under a tree. This is because it removes the car from direct sunlight which interferes with waxing.

Hope those are helpful to you.